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I would love the opportunity to work with you, or in your publication. I’ve been writing ever since I can remember. As a young child, my medium was paper and pencil moving onto a typewriter. It was a great day when I was introduced to a computer.

Summers, weekends and after school I spent much time at my Dad’s print shop. He taught me about the processes from manual layout on a desktop (desk, not a computer), to filming in the dark room, cleaning negatives on light tables, burning metal and paper plates, printing on presses, cutting and folding final products and collating and bonding pads. This printing knowledge and history continues to go forth in my education and industry.

At Cardinal Gibbons High School, in Fort Lauderdale, I focused on journalistic writing and desktop publishing while as a staff writer on my high school newspaper, Insight. I focused on the news beats. Upon graduation, not only was I nominated for the Miami Herald Silver Knight Award, but also received another journalism award.

That hard work continued as a staff writer, focusing again on news beats, at Broward Community College (BCC) on The Observer. While at BCC, I also took an Art Appreciation class and Theater class, where I learned to write reviews of the arts. Upon graduation, I received an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts with emphasis journalism.

Moving onto the University of Central Florida, my focus was achieving a Bachelor of Arts in English. I focused on analyzing and dissecting English literature, writing and presenting poetry and writing expository papers.

After returning to South Florida, I attended The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale to focus on software programs such as Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Illustrator and QuarkXpress. Upon graduation I received a Diploma in Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing.

Please check out some samples below and contact me for a price that will fit your writing needs. References available upon request.

Writing Experience:

  • Blogger
  • Journalistic Writer: News, Features
  • Technical Writer
  • Creative Writer
  • Expository Writer
  • Desktop Publisher
  • Reviews
  • Press Releases
  • Poems
  • Ghostwriting


Medical Writing:

In Print and On the Web

Heartbeat, Mar – Apr 2017
Rogers, M. (2017, March). “Pulse Check — A Big Month for Mended Little Hearts.” Heartbeatpp. 9.

It was “A Big Month for Mended Little Hearts” in the March/April 2017 Heartbeat magazine “Pulse Check” section.

Reaching out to Saatchi & Saatchi, a New York advertising agency, introduced the “Give A Fuller Life” video project.

American Medical ID made strides with their “Buy One We’ll Give One.”










In Print
Microscope, WakeMed Health & Hospitals, Mended Hearts

Microscope, Guest Writer
Microscope, Jun – Jul 2016Rogers, M. (2016, June). “Mended Hearts Conference.” Microscopepp. 3.

There were 125 members in attendance with the 2016 Mended Hearts and Mended Little Hearts Education and Training Conference held in Raleigh, North Carolina. It offered great speakers and an opportunity to network with other cardiac patients.










Contributing Writer:

In Print and On the Web
Circa Magazine, Contributing Writer

Circa Magazine, Oct – Nov – Dec 2016

Rogers, M. (2016, Oct). “Going Green.” Circa, pp. 38.

Not able to travel to Ireland this St. Patrick’s Day? Why not bring Ireland to the Triangle? Local restaurants, stores and events around town do just that because, after all, everyone is Irish on St. Patty’s Day.

Want something family friendly to do at home? Find ways to entertain wee ones in St. Patty’s Day home parties or events around town. Read “Going Green” and get some fun ideas!



Circa Magazine, Oct – Nov – Dec 2016

Rogers, M. (2016, Oct). “Holiday Firsts.” Circa, pp. 38.

I enjoyed listening to stories from new home owners, honeymooners, and those awaiting babies. Holiday Firsts” are full of sweet times with new families and new destinations waiting to be filled with holiday cheer. Continued or new traditions were 00just waiting to be started. Read about some local Triangle residence and how they planned to enjoy their “Holiday Firsts.”





Circa Magazine, July – August – September 2016

Rogers, M. (2016, July). “Make The Grade With Trending Back-To-School Supplies.” Circa, pp. 20.

I enjoyed working with kids and parents alike, hearing straight from the students what they would like to see in their backpacks, classrooms and home schools. Hoping this article is a “Must read” to all parents out there. Read and shop to “Make The Grade!”












April 2016_Cover_Med

Circa Magazine, April – May – June 2016

Rogers, M. (2016, January). “Getting Dirty, Volunteering At A Local Community Garden.” Circa, pp. 20.

Again, I enjoyed the research, making community connections and seeing and writing about something great happening in our community. So want to try something new by helping your family and the community? Read and act on “Getting Dirty:”



April 2016_Story 1_MedApril 2016_Story 2_Med April 2016_Menu_Med


Jan 2016_Cover_MedCirca Magazine, January – February – March 2016
Rogers, M. (2016, January). “Cozy, Comfy, and Caffeinated.” Circa, pp. 34.

This is my first publication as a freelance writer under Monique M. Rogers, LLC. I’ve enjoyed the research and writing of this piece for this local magazine. It was just as cozy and comfy to write as it is to read. Grab a warm cup of joe or tea and enjoy it by a fireplace. It’s only going to get colder from here on out. But this piece should keep you warm.



Jan 2016_Story 1_Med  NEW_Jan 2016_Story 2_MedJan 2016_Menu_jpg

To pick up or order a hard copy, go to: http://www.circamagazine.com/distribution


Web Bits:

On the Web
WRAL, What’s On Tap

WRAL, What’s On Tap, September 14, 2016
“Ants take center stage at BugFest”

WRAL, What’s On Tap, September 8, 2016
“Interior design takes center stage at Downtown Raleigh Home Show”


Press Releases:

As a previous Society for Technical Communication (STC) member, I wrote several press releases for their monthly meetings and events. These press releases were emailed to local media such as newspapers and news channels to place STC events onto public calendars. See some samples below.

STC_Osborn_Final_72  STC_China_Final_72









Earlier Journalistic Writing:

My journalistic career began in high school and continued into college. I was on my high school newspaper, Insight, at Cardinal Gibbons High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My senior year I was nominated for the Sun-Sentinel Knight Award and upon graduation I received a journalism award. Moving into college, I was on staff at The Observer at Broward Community College where I studied journalism until I graduated with a Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts. See some samples below.

The Observer_Shaw_1   The Observer_Perry_2






Later in my career, I worked on various articles for non-profits such as Jobs for Life. This particular one was posted on their website. See a sample below.

Jobs For Life_Final_72

And I also wrote more articles for STC that were posted on their website. See some samples below.

Carolina Communique _2_Final_72     Carolina Communique_Final_72






Technical Writing:

As a technical writer, I worked with engineers and those on the production floor to create internal specification sheets for magnetostrictive technology sensors. I also worked on designing and writing pre-sale documents provided to potential clients, clients, Regional Marketing Managers (RMMs), and those sent through the mail and given at trade shows. I also designed and wrote post-sale documentation, installation sheets. All of these documents were per three different product families. Samples to come.

MTS_R Series_Pg 1_Med MTS_R Series_Pg 2_Med MTS_R Series_Pg 3_Med






MTS_R Series_Pg 4_Med MTS_R Series_Pg 5_Med MTS_R Series_Pg 6_Med MTS_R Series_Pg 7_Med

MTS_R Series_Pg 8_MedMTS_Level_Pg 1_Med
MTS_Level_Pg 2_Med
MTS_Level_Pg 4_Med
MTS_Level_Pg 5_Med
MTS_Level_Pg 6_MedMTS_Level_Pg 7_Med
MTS_Level_Pg 8_MedMTS_Level_Pg 9_MedMTS_Level_Pg 10_MedMTS_Level_Pg 10_Med MTS_Level_Pg 11_Med MTS_Level_Pg 12_Med




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