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Life’s Setbacks

Getting Back on Track

By “My Midlife,” Lord knows I’ve hit some setbacks. Everyone, at this point is familiar with life’s setbacks – stepping off our healthy eating and gym plans, not meeting personal or career goals, wanting to be elsewhere in our lives by midlife. You get the picture. Well, in recent months I’ve had some setbacks. And these setbacks have pulled me away from my writing and actually have geared me into another phase of life.

In November I had a heart attack. And upon driving to the emergency room, which I don’t recommend, I seized and died twice. I was placed into a coma overnight. And when I left the hospital, I wore a defibrillator vest for five months until I could undergo a major heart surgery.

Have you had any of “Life’s Setbacks” that you’ve learned from?

Needless to say, I’ve had a great deal of setbacks – some I’ve conquered and others I’m still going through today. It is a true realization when all the independence you’ve grown into is no longer there. Thank God for my Mom who stood by me for six months – helping me to and from the bathroom, getting me dressed and undressed, counting and organizing all of my pills, taking me to not only doctors’ appointments but also just getting me out of the house to keep my spirits high.

Needless to say, after the loss of my father in 1998, I don’t take anything for granted. This experience was just a reminder.

From this experience, this cardiac episode probably was nothing I did, but probably part of a congenital heart problem. But like anything, there’s room for improvements.

Monday I began my online competition, the MeltDown Challenge® at www.meltdownchallenge.com with my health coach, Honey Beth Wiggs, which I spoke about in an earlier blog post. My plan is to continue to make better health choices. I’m now on a low-sodium/low-fat diet for life. I can occasionally go off course. But like I told Mom, my body just doesn’t feel right putting all kinds of junk into it. So with this transition, I encourage you to be better to your body by feeding it right and exercise, with your doctor’s recommendations. I’m not on a regular exercise regimen, as of yet. But I am now able to walk my pup around the block without running out of breathe.

With setbacks, they can either keep you going along the same path or change your course completely. For me, my setback has sent me into another direction. I will continue my writing career, but I’m currently going to school to become an EKG Technician.

Classes are going well. And I hope with my compassion for the patients, knowing where they’ve been and relating to them, I can combine a working knowledge of the heart and make a difference to my patients. So as I continue to learn life’s setbacks are not necessarily bad things. For me, they are helping me “getting back on track.”

I’d love to hear from you on your thoughts about “My Midlife” and my “Life’s Setbacks.” Blessings to you in your journey.

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