A New Year, A New Chapter

Moving Forward

In 2018 I plan on “Embracing My Midlife.” Today is a new day, a new month and a new year. And with that comes new opportunities, new adventures, a collection of new dreams and new skills to achieve.

Since January, I’ve been preparing for an even better year. I’ve gotten into rescheduling blocks of time into a fresh, new, clean calendar. I’ve been planning ahead, noting important dates and making those a priority.

I continue to be open to new opportunities, however different they are from my normalcy. I never know who I’ll meet, what skills I’ll pick up or how the Lord will use me. I was reminded yesterday of all that I go through in my journey of life. It is my story to teach lessons through my writings, actions and reactions.

What are you doing to organize and move forward in 2018?

Cleaning out is part of the battle. Realizing that in order to make room for the new, I must remove some of the old. Yesterday I dropped off donations of things I no longer use that maybe useful to others. I’ve been going through paperwork and email accounts removing the old.

And I am moving forward by setting up new files and a budget for 2018. Setting it up is one thing, but keeping it all in production is another. I’m taking the time to feel the comfort of organization. And I’m reminded of opportunities that will arise because things aren’t in a clutter.

But what got me to this point? I had a delayed holiday party with some girlfriends in January. I did a heavy-duty cleaning of my house. Afterwards, I packed my Christmas items. In the midst. I picked out items I no longer needed. This organizing state continued into the rest of my life.

Work-wise, I’m redesigning my website and this blog after three years. I started at the end of 2018. And due to life getting in the way, I’ve realized I need to carve out time to finish it. So keep your eyes open as “My Midlife” will be changing to “Embracing My Midlife.”

And health-wise, I continue to strive for a better lifestyle. I’m still taking part in the MeltDown Challenge® at www.meltdownchallenge.com. And our weigh-out for this completion is a matter of days. I’ve lost 12.8 lbs. since January 2.

Again with the calendar – carving out blocks of time is key. Getting back into gym classes and trying news ones helps keep me on my toes. And food planning is important too – planning to eat at home more often.

And what about my spirit? I find donating my time and being with believers encourage me in positive ways. Another good use of the calendar and planning. Remembering I don’t have to accomplish everything at once but in baby steps helps the psyche as well.

So what are you doing to move forward for a positive 2018? I’d love to hear your ideas and we can learn together.

Blessings to you in your journey.

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