What’s Red and Can Speak on Your Behalf?

A True Life Support

Now those that know me, know that November 18, 2016 started out like any other day. But those who also know me know that it didn’t end like any other day.

That morning actually started more exciting than normal. Not one to always make biscuits, I decided to pop a can and bake some upon my return from walking Sophie, my year old lab pup. I baked them, but still responded to a text from a girlfriend for breakfast. So I put the biscuits aside and joined my friend in North Raleigh at a restaurant I’d never been to, but had been meaning to try.

It was a true blessing. Not only did I get a gift of seeing a friend on a week that had been emotionally hard for me, but I also got to see and hold a smiling baby. What a joy!

Well, we had a great breakfast, had a chance to reconnect, held a baby and even posed for pictures. Already out of the house, I decided to do some errands.

Do you have any great ways, links, tips or vehicles that may help in “My Midlife?”

Later in the day, when I arrived home, I’d let Sophie out. I ate a piece of string cheese.

That was it… that’s when it all happened. I ate a piece of string cheese. And then it happened. I had a weird pain in my back right shoulder.

I didn’t freak at that point as I’d had problems with my left side for over a year due to hand problems. But either way I called my mom and told her I just didn’t feel right.

After hemming and hawing about laying down or going to the ER, I decided on the latter. But prior to leaving the house I did start having chest pains and a tightened jaw. But I still didn’t leave at that point.

The pacemaker I’m currently wearing is Wi-Fi. So I went up to my third floor and downloaded my pacemaker to the pacemaker company and my doctor. Once that was complete, I was on my way.

Now with all that said, there were quite a few lessons learned:

  • I was having a heart attack. Never realized it until a day later, after spending the night under sedation on a ventilator.
  • I should never had driven! I did actually text a friend who was thirty minutes into a park on a trail. My response to his text, “I don’t have 30 minutes.” Though I didn’t know what was wrong, I believe I had divine intervention to tell me that there was an urgency to find the people that could help me.
  • And I thank God I kept cool and grabbed what was important – my RED BAG!

Now you’re probably wondering what’s the RED BAG? Well, in this case, it was part of my life saver. However, there are lessons to learn here too.

First off, I picked up the RED BAG a couple of years ago at the North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry (NCBAM) booth at an annual meeting. This ministry does exactly what their name says – they assist the aging with products to cope with their stages of life. The RED BAG is just one of their vehicles.

Because I have normal everyday medications and vitamins, I use one. However, because I often travel, I also had those medications in it. At any event I grabbed it and got to the hospital. So when I collapsed in the lobby, my RED BAG spoke for me. But it doesn’t end there. There were lessons here also:

  • Only keep the medications you’re currently taking in this bag. There was some confusion as I had cough medicine for “in case” situations, yet had not used it for months.
  • In the front of the RED BAG is a form listing the medications, dosage, schedule, etc. This should have been filled out.
  • And because I had a hand splint, it would have probably been a good idea to have documentation in the RED BAG showing why I was wearing it.
  • Also, on that prescription card, obviously have your name, address, phone number and your emergency contact listed.
  • I unfortunately did not have the card filled out. Thankfully I carry my driver’s license, insurance card and pacemaker card with me at all times. So when the hospital investigated, they found their answers. But it would have helped if the answers were more straight-forward. Let the RED BAG speak on your behalf!

So how do I get this RED BAG? Go to:


The NCBAM website states, “As part of its Priority #1: Prevention initiative, NCBAM is putting life-saving RED BAGS into the homes of as many aging adults as possible. Distributing RED BAGS can be a valuable ministry opportunity for North Carolina Baptists to impact the lives of the aging 65+ in their churches and communities.”

But I’m here to tell you that as a young person with medical conditions it has been a God send. I believe in this product so much, that I just purchased 30 of them for my Mended Hearts chapter. I’ve been meaning to get them into their hands since my episode, but they just received them last Monday. And everyone was overjoyed. I pray you are as well.

I hope to continue to bring you lessons, and vehicles, to help you as they’ve helped me in “My Midlife.”

I’d love to hear from you on your thoughts about this product and if you think it will be something you can use as I have in “My Midlife.” Blessings to you in your journey.


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