What Super Bowl Game?

Bunco is “My Midlife” Game of Choice!

Hear the roar of the crowd? Smell the food? Got your teammate? Who’s routing for who?

You think you’re at the Super Bowl? Nope! Bunco is “My Midlife” game of choice!

Invited online, Mom and I decided to adventure out with a new group of ladies. The lady who invited me, we met at the Triangle Associational Freelancer’s meeting just last Thursday. So when the invite came across Facebook – Mom said, “Sure, we can do that!”

Both of us have played in the past. But like anything, “If you don’t use it, you lose it!” And in actuality, I only played once. And like any regional game or dance, some rules vary from one destination to another. But it’s easy to catch on, as there were a couple of newbies last night.

I’d love to hear your Bunco stories. Please post your comments here as I’m still growing my audience and want to start conversations at “My Midlife” blog. Blessings to you in your journey.

Like the Super Bowl, we had chips and dips, appetizers and refreshments. We had teammates, though they change from table to table, and sometimes you keep the same. But no jerseys are required. And we toss, not a football, but a little pink die across the room with a “travel.” And missing players, no problem – we women improvise with a ghost player until someone comes into replace her (there’s more than one reason for a stuffed animal in this world!)

Like the Super Bowl, it’s a room (or arena) full of people (or ladies) wanting a night out. It was a room full of about 10 ladies from all different states who migrated to North Carolina. They varied in age, most of them moms, who just wanted a night to be girls (ladies) again. No sense of dressing up, but just being ourselves to laugh and have fun playing a funny game with a pink fuzzy die. I laughed until I cried.

I highly recommended this game for a great night full of laughter, screaming, concentration, counting, points, travels, and BUNCOS!!! Especially since Bunco is “My Midlife” Game of Choice!


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