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Where Do I Find that Special Someone

With Valentine’s Day approaching where do midlifers meet “The one?” In our younger days, dating was easier. I would see a guy across the classroom and eventually he would notice me. But times are tougher in “My Midlife.” So where do I meet that special someone?

Church, people say church. Been there and done that. It does help to attend a church strong in a single fellowship. But I’ve also visited other churches, primarily singles events. Funny thing, when you’re in one denomination, you meet the same people all across the board. They’re in the same boat. You’ve seen them so much it feels more like a family reunion at church functions then a place to meet like-minded future husbands or wives.

Do you have any great ways, links, areas or other sources to meet “the one?”

Speaking of meeting people in like-minded arenas, there’s always Meetup groups. They are nation-wide and call for people to fit any particular niche. There’s a group that meets for dance, walking, yoga, sports, photography, book clubs and well, you get the picture. Meetup offers an array of areas where you can come into contact, and potentially meet someone of interest. If not, you’ve spent an afternoon playing a sport you like or learning how to dance with several partners.

And another high tech way to reach out and meet others, why not try online dating. Yep, I’m there now. I’ve tried Match.com and eHarmony. I’ve heard stories of matches that have resulted in marriage. Other sites are less expensive or free such as Okcupid, whereas others go by a subscription. Coupons and discounts are online or emailed often. In addition, some of these sites also offer opportunities such as cooking classes, wine tastings and even trips such as skiing or cruises to meet other singles in a more comfortable environment.

Talking about classes, why not go old school. Check out night classes at local companies and community colleges that may peak your interest.

But more and more, I hear people meet available partners through friends and family in “My Midlife.” So whichever way you choose, I’m going to keep my eyes open because you never know where I may find that special someone.

I’d love to hear from you on encouraging words of dating in “My Midlife.” Blessings to you in your journey.

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  1. I worked with a girl who met her husband at speed dating. He was about 50 at the time and she was about 40 – neither had any kids!

    Another dear friend met her second husband (she was widowed) at Christian Mingles (on the internet) – she just wanted someone to sort of pal around with and within the year she was married. He had been married a few times before, had some financial issues….She protected herself with separate bank accounts, a prenup and she had a trust. So far it seems to be working. Both were a little over 60 at the time they got married.

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