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personal-headshots_midlife-haircutBy “My Midlife” you would hope to know all of the answers on how to succeed. Unfortunately, I don’t. But I do enjoy learning from others and am inspired to learn how to succeed through all mediums.

I say all of this as I did just that last year in July. I left my full-time job that I held for six years as a production assistant into a freelance writer and event planner/coordinator. It’s been a busy year writing numerous articles for Circa Magazine, assisting with a wedding reception and two Baptist State Convention Annual Meetings (about to complete my eighth year running this project.).

With this career change, I added to my education through community college courses: Write It Like A Journalist and Special Event Planning. Write It Like A Journalist re-awoke my love of writing allowing me to refocus this skill in this day and age. I found work in magazines, the web and blogging. My passed job taught me WordPress skills and enabled me to find a new venue. Check out my website:

The Special Event Planning course encouraged the sharpening of the skills I already had and gained more knowledge of the industry. Within that course, I assisted a friend with her wedding reception.

In addition to the community college courses, I joined groups in the industry such as the American Marketing Association (AMA) and Women In Network (WIN) North Ridge Chapter. I also participated more with the Triangle Association of Freelancers (TAF). I’ve not only received a lot of great knowledge from these groups, but also encouragement and motivation.

I also attended at least one function with Alice Osborn with her one day Memoir course and a meeting with Business and Professional Women/Raleigh (BPW/Triangle) where I gained even more stills and met some wonderful working women.

With all of these professional changes, personal life doesn’t stop. I had the opportunity to volunteer and train with the Baptist on Mission, also known as Baptist Men. I learned how to cook for about 350 people on a team with American Red Cross standards within the Disaster Relief Training in Mass Feeding.

I also joined Mended Hearts where I volunteer, visiting cardiac patients weekly. I’ve also had the opportunity to use my writing skills by writing an article about their annual meeting this past year which was published in the WakeMed Hospital’s newspaper. This year I’ve been nominated to hold the     office for the coming year.

Though I know just leaving jobs, people and things behind is scary, not knowing where you’ll land, it is well worth it. This year I’m preparing for a more permanent job. But with the knowledge I’ve gained, I can continue my writing and event planning/coordinating on the side and see where I go.

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  1. Great post, Monique. Thanks for mentioning the Write It Like a Journalist class. I’m glad that it helped you. Congrats on all of your accomplishments and published work. Best of luck with the job search!

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