Body Shaming

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personal-headshots_midlife-haircutBy “My Midlife,” my body has been through thick and thin both figuratively and realistically. So why don’t I like it anymore?

For one, I remember when this tall slinky body flowed down the run way twirling and swirling, stopping in poses. Those were the days when balance wasn’t an issue walking on tall pointed heels.

You remember the heels don’t you? It’s been so long. Now I’m best friends with flats and “good walking shoes.” Better yet, I’ve spent over $200 on orthotics at a store only grandmothers should know about.

But how did I let myself get this way? I have plump birthing hips, without the blessing of a child. My “long wicked legs,” as my friends used to say, don’t feel as long or wicked. They’ve been bruised by a lack of balance, slamming into furniture that has always been there.

And let’s not get into clothes! Lord knows it’s tough. I feel like I wear bigger clothes only to make me bigger. And bra straps still slide off and jeans still slip down my hips.

Clothes catalog shopping is no longer an option. A mental prep is always in order before shopping and a cry fest soon prevails.

And the remarks and tugs from family and friends have got to go. I know I’m overweight. I see the same me in the mirror that you see.

So what’s the solution? Well I lost 42 lbs. after my divorce with a good old fashion lifestyle change including workouts at the gym and meal plans, along with a neighborhood competition. Looks like those were great steps.

But this time around, one of my doctors has prescribed shots to help curve those cravings. I’m not a diabetic, but those daily shots should help this metabolism change in life known as “My Midlife.”

So what’s my plan? I’m getting on the stick on Monday. Signing back up to change my lifestyle again. Gym, please welcome me back. As for the shots, I’m still figuring those out with my insurance and if I want to go that far.

As for my next phase of “My Midlife,” I’ll be 42 in 15 days. Craving for a husband, baby, family and more dreams then I can count, I’m loving and caring for myself now. Won’t you join me on my journey in the next phase of “My Midlife?”


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