Unplanned Inspirations

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personal-headshots_midlife-haircutHaving no Friday night plans, already afternoon, I texted friends to see if anyone was up for something laid-back. The best I could come up with – play cards or dominoes at, Sola Coffee Café, a central destination. The guys had joined another friend for a weekend of fishing. So a girlfriend and I chose the coffee shop.

I joined her by the guitarist. I heard a couple of his last songs and he was really good. Then came the next act. Matt Bednarsky was a clean cut kid who had a bit of an edge. He looked to be in his late thirties, but when he played the guitar it was like wow! He played that instrument like it was an intimate relationship. It was his spouse that he took on the trips – gigs he played all around the world. She knew his fingers and which ways he wanted to play her. She allowed him to play, both working together to make so many tones and melodies fly out of her.

And when he opened his mouth to sing, soulful inspiration was the best way to describe it. His vocals were earthy and raspy. He pulled deep down from his soul to bring out evenly tones. He stood on his toes and crunched down low to feel the music as it escaped his lips.

The words that came were those of an old soul. From Connecticut, lived in New York and now Nashville, Tennessee he traveled the world from Germany and beyond. His travels, wisdom, understanding of cultures and how they are similar and differ from each other were fascinatingly demonstrated in his vocals.

Speaking to him afterwards, I explained what I do. He was excited to read “My Midlife” blog. “An inspirational artist inspiring another inspirational artist,” he shared. So I come straight home and onto my computer to write about my unplanned inspirations from one artist to another.

2 thoughts on “Unplanned Inspirations”

  1. I am honored, Monique! And so glad you and your friend found yourselves at Sola last Friday.

    Thanks for the kind, beautifully descriptive words, and all the best to you on this Midlife journey!


    P.S. You’ve set the record for new high among age guesses…I’d gotten the range of 16/17-35! 😛

  2. Thanks so much for the kind comment, Matt. You made it a very relaxing evening. Great music. You definitely put your heart and soul into it and it shows.

    Safe travels…

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