Transparency, How Much?

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personal-headshots_midlife-haircutIn the world we live in today, many people wear many different masks. By “My Midlife,” I think I’ve seen them all and then I see some more. People hiding their sadness, making sure not to show their fear and being strong no matter what the life trial. But I find that I pride myself and am drawn to those showing transparency in who they are and who they perceive to be through actions and the way in which they carry themselves. I find comfort in transparency. But really, what is it?

According to, Transparency “… implies openness, communication, and accountability.” As an extrovert and person who has communication as a God-given strength, I find comfort in this definition.

The Wiki definition also states, “Transparency is practical in companies, organizations, administrations and communities. It guides an organization’s decisions and policies on the disclosure of information to its employees and the public, or simply the intended recipient of the information.” Yes, this does sound like a great attribute in the creation of processes in the workforce. However, just as in the workforce, in personal lives, as well as, social media – how transparent is too transparent?

According to the New International Version of the Bible (, Proverbs 4:23 states, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” There is definitely something to listening to wisdom in how little or much is shared. It seems, to me, that though God made the whole of us, there is not a reason to share the whole of us. Some things should be left to our own knowledge. Now I’m not talking about lying or not telling the whole truth, or standing off from others or shutting them out. But I do think that there are things suitable for the public and those left kept under wraps.

With this all said, in today’s society, how much is too little or much should be on the Web? In “My Midlife,” looking at others in midlife I see what looks like a healthy balance on the Web. For instance, on Facebook, I see people sharing photos of the good times and the trials. I see those living it up and happy and others asking for prayers of suffrage.

However, I also see those who act like the Web is their personal cable television show sharing everything and more. What is the repercussions of such transparency and sharing? Well, for one, companies review the Web when considering someone for employment. Once something is posted, people can see it any time day or night and as many times as they want it. And we live in a world where editing seems to be just another skill that everyone is good at. Photos, videos, words can all be taken out of context. And the repercussions are not always seen as good.

I say all of this because I wrote a blog that I had planned to post a couple of weeks ago. Though I finally was able to write it, I didn’t know that readers were ready to read it. A blog, like the Web in general, is not open just to our subscribers, it is the “World Wide Web,” meaning it’s open to anyone to read it. So though you may show transparency in your life, wisdom wins out when sharing too little or too much.

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