Promises, I Promise

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personal-headshots_midlife-haircut“I’ll call you by the end of the week.” Giving your word used to mean something. But these days a word given, promises made are broken promises and just words.

In “My Midlife,” I remember stories of yesteryear when people said that they were there for people when in need, no matter the inconvenience. I remember stories of aunts and uncles who promised to stand by each other’s side for a lifetime. And they meant it.

Today people say that they’ll call by the week’s end, do lunch or catch up. But the phone never rings, coffee goes cold and friends and family never meet.

I find it ironic, that in 2016, with the technology we have, communication is only key in theory. Back in the day, when there were only horse-drawn carriages and trains people did all that they could to get to their loved ones with timeliness at its utmost. Today people can not bother with picking up the phone, email or text. Let’s not mention actually getting in the car to go across town, across a couple of states or across our nation.

We pride ourselves of great a communicative world, but are we? I remember times, and in some places this still happens, where people sit and talk. Some of my favorite dates have been spending the evening talking about everything and nothing important. This week on Facebook I’ve seen reminders of quality time on the edge of loss, just sitting on our porches and catching up with those around us. The people maybe family we see every day, those we only catch up on vacations and holidays or neighbors we’re growing to learn more about because we can. Because we care. I want to go back to a time of promises, I promise.


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