Great Creative and Talented People on “My Midlife” Journey

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personal-headshots_midlife-haircutI remember in high school, a boyfriend once told me that I always knew of great things to do out and about around town. Well, in “My Midlife,” I still keep up with the fun events around me. And those fun events introduce me to great creative and talented people. These people make up part of “My Midlife” journey.

In September 2015, I met just one of those great creative and talented people, Diva of DIY, Leeanne Lee. Soon after starting my business, I went to the Downtown Raleigh Home Show, where I met Lee. Meeting her, I felt like I met family.

She shared before and after slides of some of her great works such as “How to Update Your Tired Patio Furniture” and an “Easy DIY Tire Ottoman,” as found on her website She also showed a really cute dog bed nightstand. All seem like great projects that she made look so easy.

After watching her presentation and walking the trade show, speaking with those in and around the booths, she took time out for me. We chatted about her lake house, my business and how to start blogging. Her insightfulness gave me courage.

Though I haven’t sold an article about her, I have been following her progress. Earlier this year, Leeanne Lee auditioned for Home & Family on the Hallmark Channel. She was the “fifteenth finalist competing for the title of Home and Family DIY Star,” according to host Cristina Ferrare.

Like always, she showed courage, poise and an expert view of repurposing and upcycling. What is repurposing and upcycling, you ask? Repurposing is taking an object and making it into something with another purpose. And upcycling is taking an object and making it better.

Lee began at an early age working with objects to either repurpose or upcycle as a need. Raised by a single father, she saw items for her home, such as a dining table. Prior to the table her and her father used a weight bench which turned into their dining table at mealtimes.

Meeting Lee in person introduced me to a bubbly, down-to-earth personality who is gifted by creativity. By day, Lee is a contractor for her self-made company, Rekindled Spaces.

In her down time, she enjoys going to yard sales and searching out items that she can give a second life to, such as the examples she presented.

One great resource she mentioned over and over was the Habitat for Humanity Restore. A great place for great finds. Donated new and gently used items are less expensive. And the funds, from purchases, assist local communities through Habitat for Humanity.

In a world of Pinterest, it was great to meet a real-life great creative and talented person on “My Midlife” journey. Keep your eyes out and see who you meet out and about around town. But in the meantime, check out Diva of DIY, Leeanne Lee’s links for your own DIY projects at:



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