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Okay, so it’s Tuesday, January 19, 2016, where are you with your new year’s resolutions? Need a little help? Well, you remember my “My Midlife” post, “Interview: Honey Beth Wiggs?” Well, she is working with people doing the “Meltdown Challenge.” Appropriately named, it just started yesterday, but there’s still time to sign up. You have until January 31 to be able to compete.

This competition actually goes from January 18 to February 28. According to the site, you can “lose 6% or maintain your weight -5.99% / 1%.” You can “earn 65% of available points.”

You begin the Meltdown Challenge by registering at:

Next weigh-in up until the fourteenth day of the challenge. You earn points by participating in various challenges: tracking your food in-take, tracking exercise, watching videos, participating in webinars, etc. And then you will be asked to weigh in again at the end of the competition.

I actually participated in a Meltdown Challenge last year. It’s very interactive and you always have a support system. Though you maybe next door or miles away from each other, you really get to know your fellow competitors.

According to the site, the Meltdown Challenge encourages participants to “Live better, lose weight while adopting HEALTHY HABITS.” What better way than have Certified Health Coach Honey Beth Wiggs walk alongside you and guide you with this competition?

Remember from my earlier post, “With a positive and encouraging spirit, Wiggs is making the world a healthier place one person at a time by growing encouraging and healthy relationships with people.” She’s doing just that with the Meltdown Challenge. According to their website, “We’ve helped 150,000 plus people meet their health goals and improve their lives.” It went onto say, “Our work is life changing. We’re ready to help you change yours. Whatever your challenge is, we’re ready to help.”

But the competition goes beyond just getting you healthy. It is helping to feed the hungry. According to their site, “Our program inspires better health and weight loss, while offering the chance to win prizes and cash and contribute to a charity that feeds the hungry.” The company running the Meltdown Challenge explains, “We donate to Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), to directly help fight hunger. Subscribe to our challenge and feed someone who is hungry. Hit your goals and feed even more people in need.” Check out for more information about the work with FMSC at

And with that I say good luck on the competition. And who knows, you may see me in the Meltdown Challenge. So hurry up and sign up and we’ll not only compete, but encourage each other in this transition in life.

Want to know more about Wiggs or learn how to make the transition? You can contact Honey Beth Wiggs at: or (919) 250-8030. Check out:


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