Hope for Midlife

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Christmas is very different by the time we get to midlife. As a child we are devoted to the belief that there is magic in the air and a big jolly old fellow is surely due to deliver our most imaginable dreams Christmas morning.

Those were my aspirations until much later. I started going to Catholic Church in sixth grade and my perspective of Christmas changed. It was more about attending church and learning about the one true little boy born for the most precious gift any of us needed and none of us deserve, salvation. From that moment I started having a more “adult perspective” of Christmas. However, secretly I continued to believe in the big red guy too.

A lot of people seem to think that Christmas is magical. Things happen around Christmas that would never happen at any other time. For me, I’m proud to say that I’m an example of what Christmas can be all year long. And I’ve been blessed to have people come along side me in good times and bad. And I do the same for them.

I’ve had so many struggles in my life, more so than others and not as many as others. It’s been challenging. But the people who are here are the ones meant to be here at this very moment. And they’ve walked along side me for wisdom, guidance and perspective and I’m blessed by that.

Christmas as a single can be challenging. Looking back we remember our childhood Christmases. And we remember that there was someone in charge to pick out and BUY the presents. And then there were the family functions; someone ORGANIZED them. And what about that big Christmas dinner. We actually had someone PREPARE that as well. Now as a single midlifer, we remember the past but must go forward. If you are like me, a social butterfly, I am blessed to be invited to functions. And this year my gift to my girlfriends was a small dinner party at my home.

As a single midlifer, and even a married one, we have a clean slate. We can live in the past or move forward bringing the traditions of growing up to our new life, family and friends (and sometimes these are one in the same). We can take the things we like and do away with those we don’t. We can start new traditions. We are now responsible for molding the next generation, a job I remember my parents focusing on and doing so well. But no matter what, Christmas is a time of hope. We can do more, we’ve learned more and we’re growing more. And the New Year is just around the corner to make life even better. And I am just a vessel, one to give more hope to those who need it by sharing my traditions, volunteering to help others or just offering a smile which is the least expensive gift you can give anyone. I offer hope for a wonderful Christmas and may you bring hope to others this Christmas and all year through. Blessings…


Thanks Marty Dupree for the “hope” topic for this blog. Merry Christmas!

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