My Midlife Moment

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My speech slurred while talking with my neighbor. I lifted myself from the stairs, where I fell, and made my way up to the couch where I vomited. A friend drove me to the ER. I no longer was in control of my  left side of my body — arms or balance.

I did not have a mini-stroke, as I assumed. Though these were similar symptoms to my dad’s brain aneurysm. I was diagnosed with complex migraines.

I no longer felt safe to be on my own. Girlfriends stayed with me until Mom flew in the following day.

Migraines following the ER lasted for days. My train of thought was no longer clear which resulted in a five hour memory test.

At that time, something clicked. I’m 40. Dad passed at 57. I must be in midlife. Something has to change. I still have my 70 year old mother and animals.

I put a plan into action. My passion is writing. My long-term goal was to be a stay-at-home mom. My thoughts: “You can be a stay-at-home Mom to yourself, for your own health.”

My decision: be a freelance writer, event coordinator and blogger. My topic: “My Midlife Crisis.” My goals: to learn, educate and encourage others on the midlife crisis journey.

My solution: I quit my job and took a month to be with my mom at the beach in Florida. In that month, I gardened, spent time with family, walked and watched my low sodium diet. I returned to North Carolina with a lowered blood pressure and no migraines for a month.

Since in North Carolina, I refocused in a writing class. I go to the gym and yoga class on a regular basis and work on my diet. I’m learning about, and eager to teach others, about my midlife journey I’m currently on. I’m making my life fit my life needs.

My blog posts will come out weekly every Tuesday. I’ll provide clips of my life and resources: books, articles, exercises, activities and recipes.

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